SQL Server Documentor – Documentation and Dashboard tool

Here is a sneak peek at the new SQL Server Documentation tool. This tool is extremely customizable by the end user. You can add your own meta-data queries, change existing queries, change the color formatting and has multiple uses.

The interface is quite easy to understand.

Connection Wizard


In this window, you provide the username/password information , host, port and database information

Once connected, you open the sql_documentor.icv file and it shows the following screen.




You are presented with a drop down list for the database. On the top you have “Generate PDF” and “Generate HTML” buttons.

Below is the clear view of the dashboard browser


You can right click on any node and select/unselect to be included in the documentation

You can preview the contents of each nodes before Generating the PDF or HTML doc


You can do Drill through analysis right on the screen


Once you click on the “Generate PDF” button you get the following output

The PDF is generated with nice bookmarks for easy navigation. The document generated is designed to be very user friendly and for easy access.


Check this Sample SQL Server Documentation

If you are interested in beta testing please send an email to infocaptor+SQLSERVER@gmail.com

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